Death Note anime 2006 vs Death Note live action remake 2017

When I found out that there was going to be a live action remake of “Death Note”, I had mixed feelings. I had seen the anime series years ago and though I found it to be quite dark, it intrigued me. So an action remake was a nice way to relive those moments. Continue reading


Disney challenges for Disney lovers

I was recently listening to some songs when I heard a Disney tune. It didn’t play out, so to see why not, I clicked on the YouTube tab where it was playing. I saw that it was a challenge “If you sing, you lose”. Of course, I decided to try it. It was difficult, because I love Disney and I love singing. However, I succeeded. The funny thing though, was that there are quite a few Disney challenges on YouTube that I had no idea even existed.

Guessing Disney songsGuessing Disney songs

If you’re a big Disney fan, then you’ll probably like the tests. I saw one where you listen to a Disney song and you have to guess the name of the song, the Disney character who sings it and the Disney movie. It’s called “10 great Disney songs – can you guess them?” This test also has a part 2 called “20 more great Disney songs – can you guess them?

Finishing the lyrics

Not a big fan of guessing the name of the song, but you do think you know all the lyrics, then I know a test you might like. This one is called “Finish the lyrics [Disney]”.  This is not my favorite, because they just pause the song and then you have to fill in the blanks. But if this is your kind of test, by all means, try it!

Beat the makers of the video

Finishing the lyrics DisneyDo you like laughing at other people’s mistakes? That can be fun too. If you like that, check out “Disney challenge: finish the lyrics (ft. Jon Cozart)”. Here, they challenge themselves to sing 2 verses from a Disney song and they just go from person to person, continuing the song, until someone messes up. A fun challenge would be to check if – without consulting Google for the lyrics – you can finish the songs that Hilly, Hindy and Jon have trouble with. Spoiler: some are more difficult than others, even for a true Disney fan.

Whichever challenge you choose, just remember to have fun! Let us know in the comment section what you thought about the challenges and how well you did.

The Lion King facts

I finally watched the new(ish) Beauty and the Beast movie and it made me nostalgic. So I decided to watch one of my favorite old Disney movies The Lion King. When the intro song was playing, I immediately thought of the meaning of the words. I’ve read that the “mysterious chanting” just means “Here comes a lion, Father. Oh yes, it’s a lion.” So my now adult mind thought a little further than when I was a child.

A lion’s behavior

Another thing I read and saw in documentaries is the behavior of a lion. Which, in the movie The Lion King, is spot on.

How the pride is made up

I read online that a typical pride of lions consists of about six related females, their dependent offspring, and a “coalition” of 2–3 resident males that joined the pride from elsewhere.

In the Lion King there are a bunch of lionesses, two lions (Mufasa and Scar) and two cubs (Simba and Nala).

A lions behavior

The lionesses’ job description and life

Another thing that is spot on in The Lion King is the following fact: In each pride, it is the females who do the hunting, and usually stay with their birth prides their whole lives.

If you watch the movie, you will see that a lot happens in de beginning and in the middle. Also the lionesses dislike Scar. However when Simba goes back to his old pride, his mother is still part of it. So is Nala, actually.

The king lionesses behavior

The king’s behavior

I’ve read somewhere that male lions don’t really do much in life. They are some of the laziest animals you could meet. Also, they defend their pride and consider themselves rulers.

Once again, Disney, spot on in The Lion King. If you check out what Mufasa actually does in the movie, you will see that he walks around, acts like the ruler of all things, defends his pride (Simba and Nala) and nothing more. Same goes for Scar. He has an evil plan, carries it out to become the ruler and not really anything else. When there is no food, he tells the lionesses to get some.

Some grown up/ dark humor

There are more (fun) facts about how lions behave in real life vs how they behave in the movie The Lion King. However, I want to talk about something else as well. There is quite a lot of content in this movie that is not meant for kids to understand.

Jealousy and murderous intent

In the first 7 minutes Scar makes a remark about how life isn’t fair because if Simba was never born, he would be king when Mufasa died. This points to jealousy from Scar’s side.

Stabbing an enemy in the back

Stabbing an enemy in the back

Also, when Mufasa tells Scar to never turn his back on him, Mufasa made a remark: Perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me. I never understood why that remark make Mufasa so angry, until just now. Mufasa angrily asks Scar if that’s a challenge. If you have an enemy and he turns his back on you then you would have the chance attack him while he wasn’t looking or vice versa. Tell me a child’s mind would make this deduction…

Hunting and beating up

In the same scene, after Scar walks away, Mufasa asks Zazu what he should do with Scar. Whereas Zazu replies: he’d make a very handsome throw rug. This refers to hunted lions. Their skin is often used as a throw rug. Also, Zazu adds that whenever he (Scar’s throw rug skin) gets dirty, you can take him out and beat him. That is some serious dark humor, Disney!

Hunting and beating up

We all know that Disney hides grown up jokes and references in their movies. It’s up to you as an adult to re-watch the old Disney movies and spot the references aimed at adults. Have fun!

Out of your comfort zone with your clothes

I was reading an article about a young woman who let her husband choose her outfits every day for an entire week. My first thought was “eek!” I don’t know if I would have that kind of courage, especially not to go to work in. But the results weren’t horrible.

How does your significant other see you

Sometimes we have a certain vision of ourselves. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it can mean that we’re limiting ourselves. This was clear after I saw some of the outfits the husband in the article picked out. The woman had a certain style and had some clothes she didn’t wear (often), but the husband made some cute combinations. He picked out what he thought would look good on her and he was right: she looked amazing.

How does your significant other see you

Some negative comments

After reading the article and looking at the pictures, I read some of the comments. Some negative commentsThere were some negative comments that I didn’t agree with. Some people wrote that if a non-attractive person had experimented like this, the post would get a lot less attention. This might be correct, because people are often shallow. Yet, I think more people should try experiments like this. Why? Because it doesn’t just teach you more about your partner, it also teaches you more about yourself. Maybe you think you look like a child in bright colors, but when you actually try it, you might look great.

No partner, no problem

If you don’t have a significant other in your life to try out this experiment, there is no need to worry. You can do the experiment with anyone you trust, such as a best friend, a brother or sister or maybe even with your parents. Be careful though that no one tries to prank you. If you don’t trust anyone with your wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be a problem either. You can just try it with yourself.

No partner, no problem

Take all of the clothes that you almost never wear or that you’re saving for a special occasion. See which combinations match and create a complete new wardrobe. You could even surprise yourself…

The ugly truth behind popular organizations

Something interesting recently happened. The ironic part is that the interesting thing wasn’t something good. It had nothing to do with me personally but I did see a trend… I’ll give you a hint: it’s a peak behind the scenes of certain popular organizations.


A popular organization was organizing an event and of course they could use all the help they could get. So they started outsourcing some of the tasks. This is all fundamentally alright, but here is where it gets tricky: outsourcing costs money. And not because you’re part of a popular organization means that you don’t have to pay when you outsource. I’ve seen this sort of behavior before. These organizations have a good reputation, which makes them think that they’re invincible.

Ornamental horses

It’s often the same for the people who are part of such organizations. In Dutch we would call them “sierpaarden” (ornamental horses). These are people who are part of an organization/group and they don’t do any of the work that needs to be done, but they do want the credit once the work is done. They then rely on the “work horses” to do all the work. In this blog, I don’t want to break anyone or any organization, so I won’t call names, but I have seen this more than once. If you are one of the “work horses” it might seem like they care about you and always try to keep you connected, but you need to see what is really happening…

The solution

If you become part of such an organization and you notice the trends, then the solution would be to quit. Or, if you have enough influence, try to change the culture within the organization. Then perhaps you can make the organization flourish again. Usually outsiders don’t know what’s in the belly of the beast and they just look at the pretty picture on the outside. No one sees how rotten everything is on the inside.

I will keep this blog article short because I don’t really want to invest too much energy on something like this. However, I did think it was important for people to know what happens within popular organizations sometimes and for them to open their eyes to see what’s happening right before their eyes.

Your parents’ plan for you vs your passion

I watched the series finale of Switched At Birth and it was amazing. One thing in particular stuck with me. Bay’s dad didn’t approve of her career as a tattoo artist, or so it seemed.

What parents want and how they behave

Most of us have experience this: we are passionate about something, but it doesn’tWhat parents want and how they behave follow the path our parents panned out for us. Mostly, our parents mean well, but we just see it as them blocking us from our destiny. For both parties, this is almost impossible to comprehend.

The thing is children grow up. No one can do anything to stop this from happening. Not even parents. Yet, parents will keep trying to protect their children by whatever means they deem necessary. If the child is, as the parents call it “stubborn”, this will result in many fights between the child and the parent. Some young adults may then start to rebel, which only results in more fights.

How to change this vicious cycle

It will not be easy, but there is a way to change the vicious cycle. By doing so you can achieve a healthier relationship with each other.

  • Parents and children, the first thing to do is to try to understand each other.
    If you are a parent, try to put the protectiveness aside for a while and just listen to your child. Be respectful. If you are the child, talk calmly and be open with your parents. Explain what you want and be respectful towards your parents.

    Parents and children understand each other

  • Parents do not belittle your child’s dreams.
    If a young adult is passionate about something, they most likely have already figured it out (partially) because they know how you as a parent will react. Giving advice is not a bad thing, but don’t dismiss everything your child had already worked out in his or her head.

    Parents do not belittle your child_s dreams - children have a plan

  • Children have a plan.
    Mostly, when you are passionate about something, you aren’t open to reason. If you want something badly and it doesn’t align with what your parents had in mind for you, it usually means that what you want is “out of the box”. This isn’t a bad thing, but explain to your parents exactly what your plan is, so that they don’t have to worry about you as much.

Dealing with a self-destructive person

I was recently in a situation where I wanted to help someone who was being self-destructive and couldn’t see it. The fact that I wanted to help became a much bigger problem, because the person then accused me of being “limiting”.

How to deal with a self-destructive person

After this happened I googled how to deal with a destructive person and found some do’s and don’ts.

The article I read suggests that you should:

  • Let the person know you love him/her;
  • Let the person know that you understand the struggle and how challenging it can feel to let go of something that they experience as helpful;
  • Tell them that they deserve support, rather than tell them that what they’re doing is wrong;
  • Communicate that you believe that they can find new ways to cope with whatever the underlying issue for the destructive behavior is;
  • Be clear that it’s not your problem to fix;
  • Realize that you don’t have the power to change them;
  • Learn how to set and hold appropriate boundaries;
  • Know that you have the right to end a friendship/relationship when it’s abusive, unfulfilling, one sided or when the person adamantly refuses to get the help they need to be healthy.

What I think of the suggested ways of dealing with a self-destructive person

This is all great advice, but I personally find it difficult to just “let go” of the feeling that I need to help the person. You can tell them that you understand all you want, but in the end if you’re honest to yourself and the person, you (usually) do not understand why someone is being destructive. Furthermore, you might get the thought “I can’t go on like this, because all I want to do is help and you’re pushing me away for this/ you’re getting angry at me for this” and actually communicate this to him/her and it gets interpreted as you not caring about them. This is because they only heard the part “I can’t go on like this”.

An extreme example: When someone I care about, holds a gun to his/her head, I think it’s only logic that I jump in and stop him/her or that I at least take away the gun.
I can’t just stand by, keep smiling and watch him/her destroy him/herself even if he/she thinks that the gun isn’t loaded, for example…

The sad truth about the Surinamese legal system

Someone close to me recently bought a phone. He did not have enough money to buy a brand new phone, so he looked for a used phone online. He found one to his liking. The ad read “no flaws”. It seemed like a reasonable deal so he bought the phone. Little did he know that the ad was very misleading.

It turns out that the phone not only had a battery that needed to be replaced, but the firmware needed to be reinstalled and the microphone didn’t work either. The phone also didn’t come with a box, charger or headset. After fixing the phone’s flaws, he may as well have bought a new phone, because he had paid almost the full price now.

Compared to other countries

If we were living in a different country, I’m sure he would (and could) have sued the person who sold the phone to him. In Suriname however, if he goes to the cops with this story, they would tell him “then you should’ve just bought a new phone rather than a used one”.


Our country doesn’t protect us from false advertising. I think this is very sad, because Suriname has some great people in it who wish no one any harm. Yet there are some people who make you question why you’re living here and why our government doesn’t protect us.

Maybe I watch too many movies and that’s why I’m comparing the legal system of our country to that of other, more developed countries. Nevertheless, I think that as a Surinamese citizen, we should have at least some rights… Right?

This is just one example, but I think our legal system doesn’t protect us at all and something needs to be done about it. Let me know what you think about it by writing a comment in the comment section. If I am wrong about thinking this way, I would like some feedback on the matter…

The color red and it’s various meanings

Today I write about the color red and it’s various meanings. No, this article will have nothing to do with the color purple or the amount of shades of gray there are, just the color red.

Earlier I was playing Candy Crush Saga and by using a color bomb I destroyed all the red candies. Afterwards a few more red candies appeared and the “anger guy” from the movie “Inside out” popped in my head – he’s red. Bear with me, Valentine’s Day is coming up so I immediately thought of the color that is associated with that day – also red. Therefore, I started thinking: it’s funny how this 1 color is both associated with anger and love. This made me research what other meanings the color has.

The color red and psychology

the-color-red-and-psychologyIn psychology, the color red is described as warm and positive. This color is also associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive and it exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. When I read about the masculine energy, I immediately thought of anger again. Yes, both men and women get angry, but the way men utter it is far more aggressive. At the same time Valentine’s Day is a day for both men and women, yet the gifts and red roses are mostly given to women. So this makes the color less masculine if you ask me.

Psychology also describes red as energizing. “It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.” Looking at it from an emotional point of view, then I understand why the red roses are key on Valentine’s Day as well.


According to psychology, the color red also signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. But if you google “ambition” or “determination” and you look at the pictures associated with these words, red isn’t the dominating color. When you google “leadership” and you click on the images, then the leader is often characterized as being red, but in my opinion that’s only to accentuate who the leader actually is…

color-red-sexuality-and-lustA fun fact that psychology points out is that the color red is often used to express love, as in Valentine’s Day, however it relates more to sexuality and lust, rather than love – love is expressed with pink. When I read this, I thought of an article I recently read about unconditional love. I personally disagree with the conclusion of this article, but if you think about what Valentine’s Day is supposed to represent and what it apparently really represents with the red colors, then I understand where the writer of that article is coming from.

The color red has a lot more associations, but I will not get into those, because that would make this article extremely long. If you want to read more about the color red, I found a useful site you can visit.

I personally find red a beautiful and sometimes intimidating color and now I know more about it.

My opinion of the Just Dance games

In 2013 I first heard of the Just Dance games. I saw a documentary on TV about this game and immediately wanted to play it. When I got the Just Dance 2014 game for Christmas that year, nothing could have made me happier. I played the game almost every day.

The newer versions

just-dance-2014-and-newer-versionsBecause Just Dance 2014 was such a hit in my opinion, I immediately ordered the 2015 version when it came out. I thought it was cool that this version had the community remix option. In this version, the songs didn’t interest me that much (at first). After a while I did start to like some of them. I didn’t think the choreographies were that great either…

I thought, “Hey, I’ll give the 2016 version a chance. Maybe that will top the 2015 version.” Unfortunately this version was a disappointment too. I’m not saying that all the songs blow, but I didn’t feel the need to play this version daily either. To not get disappointed again, I didn’t buy the 2017 version.

The “weird” songs

One thing that I did find extremely funny in all of the versions of Just Dance that I own was that the “weird” songs had the most fun choreographies. By “weird”, I mean the – to me – unknown songs on the disk. I’m referring to songs such as:

  • Isidora – Bog Bog Orkestar (Just Dance 2014);
  • Moskau – Dschinghis Khan (Just Dance 2014);
  • Nitro Bot – Sentai Express (Just Dance 2014);
  • Fatima – Cheb Salama (Just Dance 2015);
  • Tetris – Hirokazu Tanaka (Dancing Bros.) (Just Dance 2015);
  • Xmas Tree – Bollywood Santa (Just Dance 2015);
  • Gibberish – MAX (Just Dance 2016).



Of course, all three versions had songs that I may not like to dance on, but that I love singing along to. The sad fact here is that not all versions have choreographies made especially for singing and the ones that do, don’t have the “sing-along mode” for all songs… This results in forcefully trying to dance – sometimes wildly – and sing at the same time. Some songs that I love to sing along to are:

  • Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In – The Fifth Dimension (Just Dance 2014);
  • I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor (Just Dance 2014);
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye met Tammi Terrell (Just Dance 2015);
  • Let It Go – Idina Menzel (Just Dance 2015);
  • The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) – Ylvis (Just Dance 2015);
  • All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor (Just Dance 2016);
  • Hit the Road Jack – Charles Percy (as made famous by Ray Charles) (Just Dance 2016);
  • Under the Sea – Disney’s The Little Mermaid (as made famous by Samuel E. Wright) (Just Dance 2016);
  • You’re the One That I Want – From the Movie Grease (as made famous by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John) (Just Dance 2016).


Of course, everyone has his/her own taste in music, so this article is in no way meant to make people not buy the Just Dance discs. Even though I like the 2014 version best, the others have their good songs and choreographies too.