The relation between the look of lips and how good a person can kiss

Have you ever wondered what the relation between how someone’s lips look/ how big they are and how good that person can kiss is? I don’t think there has been a study about this.

I researched this a little and found out that there has been a study that proved that men mostly like to look for women with big(ger) lips. Women on the other hand, generally are attracted more to guys with medium sized lips.

I wonder, is it possible that if the lips are bigger/fuller, the other person enjoys the kiss more?

full lips

In a comment I came across not too long ago, some guy wrote that when he kissed a girl with fuller lips, it made him feel comfortable because lips are generally soft which to him translates to fuller lips generally being softer (and more kissable) than thin lips.

big lipsThis raises a different question though. Is there a difference between big lips and full lips? How do we separate the two? When describing a good kissing experience people often talk about full lips. I don’t think I ever heard anyone say “Oh, those lips were heavenly because they were big”.

Some people like to suck their kissing partner’s lip, usually the bottom lip. While this can be enjoyable when done right, it may have a negative side effect. Like when a mother nurses her baby too long and her boobs get saggy, the same can happen to the lips if they’re being sucked on too often. This hasn’t been proven I think, but it would make sense.

lip kissWomen generally want full lips, just like they want a slim waist and big, round, non-saggy boobs. It’s just what the big media wants us to think is acceptable and desired. But having full lips or making your lips look full with the right make-up and having huge sucked on lips is not the same thing. The sucked lips are usually not even, because it’s technically more difficult to suck on the top lip. This makes the bottom lip a lot bigger/saggier which is anything but pretty.

While there might actually be a relation between how good someone can kiss based on the shape/size of their lips, it’s probably more the technique and even pheromones…

So kiss when it feels right and if you have any experience with lip sizes and how good the person can kiss, please share this with me. I’d love to know.


Women: trust your gut feelings

Every girl/woman knows this feeling: that gut feeling that something isn’t right or that something is going to end. Sometimes we ignore that feeling, but we shouldn’t. We should embrace it. Because this exact feeling is never wrong. It is our intuition warning us.

Men, when they feel something is ending, they sometimes try to avoid it. “Avoiding the inevitable”. That just makes things worse when after a few weeks/months/years you finally both talk about it and see that that’s the best thing to do.
We just keep hurting each other by keeping quiet, not communicating. Why we do this, I don’t know. I recently read a post about something that apparently all women do and that some aren’t even consciously aware about. The post was about “de-escalation and minimizing.” let it slide quoteThe article was mostly about how women react to conversations about dress codes, rape culture and sexism, but in my opinion it also has to do with how we react in relationships. We let many things that men do just “slide” because he’s a man and he’s “entitled to it”.

If a woman for example feels the need to go out every weekend and just chill with friends, go out dancing or have some cocktails, she’s seen as a “party girl” – not meant in a positive sense! People are then quick to assume that she has sex with strangers regularly or that she’s “loose”. While it is possible that there are girls or women out there, who behave this way, not all women/girls are the same.


If men on the other hand regularly feel the need to go out and “grab a few beers with the guys,” for example, his woman has to accept it. If she says something about it, she’s “the old ball and chain” and the couple gets in fights because the man feels tied down. Why can’t men see that, while there are some body parts that make us either a woman or a man, we have the same feelings, the same needs. It is not fair that as a woman you get judged differently just because you’re a woman and you have to stick to etiquettes, moral codes. Who gets to decide how we behave or what we should or should not feel?

guys night out

That’s why my advice to all women is:

  • Say what’s on your mind, even if your first instinct is to keep quiet about it because your man might get angry.
  • Trust your gut feeling.
    • If something feels off, discuss it.
    • If it’s time to leave, end it.


Don’t keep hurting yourself because you’re afraid of the unknown!