Prognosis for Christmas 2016 in Suriname and cheap gift ideas

As most people know, the current economic situation in Suriname is not very positive. economic-situation-in-suriname-christmas-2016Because of the instable exchange rate in the country and the devaluation of the Surinamese dollar, most people probably won’t have enough money to really celebrate Christmas.

I don’t have a prognosis of the end of the year festivities in Suriname, because that is a tradition in our beloved country. People from all around the world come to Suriname to be here for the festivities around December 31 and January 1.

A sad Christmas

In my opinion, Christmas was never a huge celebration in Suriname. Yet, I feel that this year the celebration will be even smaller. A good example of how it might look can be seen in the Digicel Get Gifted commercial, where the saddest Christmas gifts you can imagine, are exchanged. Making fun of a bad situation is what Caribbean people, and in this case Surinamese people, are great at. This is why we cannot blame Digicel for taking advantage of the situation and twisting it in their favor.


Anyway, I think that Digicel’s portrayal of Christmas 2016 in Suriname might be accurate. Since most Surinamese citizens will not have the money to get expensive gifts, if they want to give someone a present it will probably be something small. Alternatively, we could use the word that’s trending in Suriname “precair” (precarious) to describe how the gifts will be.

Cheap/free gift ideas for Christmas

If you’re not struggling financially, I’m happy for you and I would advise you to take a look at my previous blog with Christmas gift ideas that you can buy online. However, if you live in Suriname and you don’t have a lot of money, then I have some cheap gifts in mind that may be perfect for this upcoming Christmas:

  • A poem;
    cheap-christmas-gifts-a-poemThis is a great Christmas idea because it costs you nothing, but it can still make the person you’re giving it to feel warm and happy on the inside. If you’re not great at writing poems yourself, you can just google some Christmas poems, write the chosen one on a piece of paper and decorate it with colors or stickers.
  • Bake something;
    If you’re good in the kitchen, you could bake someone you hold dear a cake, for example. Maybe you can even decorate it with icing sugar, fondant or butter cream to make it more special. Alternatively, you can bake something else such as profiteroles or cookies.
  • A mixtape;
    No one uses tapes anymore, but you could make a mix-CD for example, for someone you hold dear. Just download this person’s favorite songs and put them on a DVD or a memory stick.
  • Clothes;
    cheap-christmas-gifts-clothesIf the person you want to give a present to likes clothes, you could get them (cheap) clothes. Just go to a Chinese clothing store and pick something out. Alternatively, you can give someone a shirt with a unique print. Just buy a plain shirt, choose a design and bring it to a printing company to get the desired design on the shirt.

I hope this article has made your Christmas expectations a little brighter. If you have any cheap Christmas gift ideas, don’t hesitate to write about it in the comment section.


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