Out of your comfort zone with your clothes

I was reading an article about a young woman who let her husband choose her outfits every day for an entire week. My first thought was “eek!” I don’t know if I would have that kind of courage, especially not to go to work in. But the results weren’t horrible.

How does your significant other see you

Sometimes we have a certain vision of ourselves. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it can mean that we’re limiting ourselves. This was clear after I saw some of the outfits the husband in the article picked out. The woman had a certain style and had some clothes she didn’t wear (often), but the husband made some cute combinations. He picked out what he thought would look good on her and he was right: she looked amazing.

How does your significant other see you

Some negative comments

After reading the article and looking at the pictures, I read some of the comments. Some negative commentsThere were some negative comments that I didn’t agree with. Some people wrote that if a non-attractive person had experimented like this, the post would get a lot less attention. This might be correct, because people are often shallow. Yet, I think more people should try experiments like this. Why? Because it doesn’t just teach you more about your partner, it also teaches you more about yourself. Maybe you think you look like a child in bright colors, but when you actually try it, you might look great.

No partner, no problem

If you don’t have a significant other in your life to try out this experiment, there is no need to worry. You can do the experiment with anyone you trust, such as a best friend, a brother or sister or maybe even with your parents. Be careful though that no one tries to prank you. If you don’t trust anyone with your wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be a problem either. You can just try it with yourself.

No partner, no problem

Take all of the clothes that you almost never wear or that you’re saving for a special occasion. See which combinations match and create a complete new wardrobe. You could even surprise yourself…


The ugly truth behind popular organizations

Something interesting recently happened. The ironic part is that the interesting thing wasn’t something good. It had nothing to do with me personally but I did see a trend… I’ll give you a hint: it’s a peak behind the scenes of certain popular organizations.


A popular organization was organizing an event and of course they could use all the help they could get. So they started outsourcing some of the tasks. This is all fundamentally alright, but here is where it gets tricky: outsourcing costs money. And not because you’re part of a popular organization means that you don’t have to pay when you outsource. I’ve seen this sort of behavior before. These organizations have a good reputation, which makes them think that they’re invincible.

Ornamental horses

It’s often the same for the people who are part of such organizations. In Dutch we would call them “sierpaarden” (ornamental horses). These are people who are part of an organization/group and they don’t do any of the work that needs to be done, but they do want the credit once the work is done. They then rely on the “work horses” to do all the work. In this blog, I don’t want to break anyone or any organization, so I won’t call names, but I have seen this more than once. If you are one of the “work horses” it might seem like they care about you and always try to keep you connected, but you need to see what is really happening…

The solution

If you become part of such an organization and you notice the trends, then the solution would be to quit. Or, if you have enough influence, try to change the culture within the organization. Then perhaps you can make the organization flourish again. Usually outsiders don’t know what’s in the belly of the beast and they just look at the pretty picture on the outside. No one sees how rotten everything is on the inside.

I will keep this blog article short because I don’t really want to invest too much energy on something like this. However, I did think it was important for people to know what happens within popular organizations sometimes and for them to open their eyes to see what’s happening right before their eyes.