The sad truth about the Surinamese legal system

Someone close to me recently bought a phone. He did not have enough money to buy a brand new phone, so he looked for a used phone online. He found one to his liking. The ad read “no flaws”. It seemed like a reasonable deal so he bought the phone. Little did he know that the ad was very misleading.

It turns out that the phone not only had a battery that needed to be replaced, but the firmware needed to be reinstalled and the microphone didn’t work either. The phone also didn’t come with a box, charger or headset. After fixing the phone’s flaws, he may as well have bought a new phone, because he had paid almost the full price now.

Compared to other countries

If we were living in a different country, I’m sure he would (and could) have sued the person who sold the phone to him. In Suriname however, if he goes to the cops with this story, they would tell him “then you should’ve just bought a new phone rather than a used one”.


Our country doesn’t protect us from false advertising. I think this is very sad, because Suriname has some great people in it who wish no one any harm. Yet there are some people who make you question why you’re living here and why our government doesn’t protect us.

Maybe I watch too many movies and that’s why I’m comparing the legal system of our country to that of other, more developed countries. Nevertheless, I think that as a Surinamese citizen, we should have at least some rights… Right?

This is just one example, but I think our legal system doesn’t protect us at all and something needs to be done about it. Let me know what you think about it by writing a comment in the comment section. If I am wrong about thinking this way, I would like some feedback on the matter…


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