Prince on the white horse or bad boy

I came across a statement: “the prince on the white horse does not exist, because women like bad boys”. Of course when you read a statement, you immediately have an opinion on the matter, whether you utter it or not. I am not for nor am I against this statement, yet I do have an opinion about it.

the-definition-of-a-prince-on-a-white-horseThe definition of a prince on a white horse

Before I can tell you my opinion about this statement, I find it important to define the terms used in the statement. The first one I’d like to discuss is “the prince on a white horse”. This in my opinion refers to the fairy tale prince. The one you see in Cinderella or Snow White, for example. Or in normal people’s terms, it can refer to the perfect man.

The definition of a bad boy

This definition is a bit trickier, because there are different opinions about what a bad boy is exactly. Some definitions could be:

  • A guy who dates multiple women at the same time;
  • A guy who hits women;
  • A guy who doesn’t care about rules;
  • A guy who lives life on the edge;
  • A dominating guy;
  • A guy who is a combination of all or some of the points mentioned above.


Do princes on white horses still exist?

Many women nowadays say that “gentlemen” are a dying breed. This concludes that princes on white horses are also a dying breed. I disagree because of the following reason: what a perfect man is to me can be the definition of a horrible man to another woman. Even though I think perfection is overrated, opinions vary, and that’s a good thing, because otherwise if you find “the perfect man” all your friends would try and steal him from you.

I think that if we look at my definition of a prince on a white horse (the man that is perfect according to your individual standards) then we can conclude that any man has the potential to be “a prince on a white horse”.

Do women really like bad boys?

do-women-really-like-bad-boysIn general, most women do like a man who is (slightly) dominating, because it makes them feel like a real woman who has a strong man beside her. In addition, most women don’t like “boring” men, so they might fall for a man who takes risks or as described above “lives life on the edge”.

This is why I say that a bad boy can easily be your prince on the white horse. Because not because he takes risks or because he is a bit bossy it means that he doesn’t love you or that he won’t do everything in his power to make you feel special.

Choose wisely though and if you see that you like the bad kind of “bad boy”, edit your standards to a better man/husband or potential father of your children.


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