Review of the “Maak 2017 jouw beste jaar ooit!” workshop

I am and have always been a big fan of personal development. If I think that a workshop or course will have a positive impact on my life, I do my best to take part in it. This is one of the reasons why I took part in the workshop “Maak 2017, jouw beste jaar ooit!” (Translated: Make 2017 your best year ever). Our host for the evening was Ruth Sinkeler. I had previously taken part in one of her other workshops and thought she was amazing then too.

My experience at the workshop

After having experienced Ruth Sinkeler’s energy and motivation the first time, I had no doubts that this workshop would be educational, inspirational and motivational. After having taken part, I’m happy to say that it was all this and more.

Of course, I will not say too much about the content of the workshop, because you need to take part in it yourself if you want the knowledge. What I can say about it, however is that you will let go of bad habits and bad thoughts and those will make place for new, inspirational ideas. The workshop lets you see yourself: the good, the bad, your hopes, your dreams and so on and so forth. You also get tools for actually realizing your goals/dreams.

The best part was that the workshop was interactive. There was not a dull moment, because it’s not one of those workshops where the host/trainer just goes on and on and all you have to do is listen. You really feel like you’re part of a group of motivated people.


We all have hopes and dreams and for many of us these stay just that: hopes and dreams. However, after taking part in this workshop, you will feel like nothing is impossible. All you have to do is go for what you want. If you work hard and use the tools you get from this workshop, you can make your life great(er) and become (more) successful!


PS don’t worry if you missed this edition of the workshop. Just contact Ruth for information about upcoming workshops.


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