My thoughts on the movie “Broken Vows”

I recently saw the movie “Broken Vows”. I hadn’t watched the trailer before watching the movie, so I didn’t know what to expect. Obviously, based on the name of the movie, I had a hunch what it would be about. I thought one or both partners, who were married to each other, cheated. When the movie started and I saw the woman washing off the blood of the ring, I thought, “Oh, so the husband must’ve cheated and the wife killed him.” However, as the movie was playing, it became clear that there was an entirely different storyline than I anticipated.

Homewrecker and revenge?

homewrecker-and-revenge-broken-vows-2016In the beginning of the movie, Tara is in a club or bar with her friends. A waitress walks over and Tara and her friends are pretty rude to her. One of Tara’s friends says, “that waitress looks just like the homewrecker”. So obviously, I’m thinking a woman who looks like that slept with Michael, Tara’s husband, and that’s why she killed him. As Tara starts flirting with Patrick, I think that’s a way to get over her husband who she killed. It turns out that one part of my hunch is correct, because Tara is flirting to get back at Michael, only in that part of the storyline, nothing bloody has happened yet.

Bad advice from friends

Tara eventually goes back to her friends and they have a fun night. When she’s outside, her friends see Patrick the bartender standing outside. They encourage her to talk to him. She doesn’t want to but they tell her that she was already talking to him anyway so she should do so again. In my opinion, if your friends know you’re engaged they shouldn’t encourage you to go talk to a “hot guy”, knowing it can lead to you cheating. So either these are bad friends, or they just give bad advice…


Psycho in love

Patrick hears the girls talking and walks over to Tara. He doesn’t ask for her number but just takes her phone and dials his number so he has her number and she has his. Some would say this is dominant male behavior, but I honestly think that’s creepy. Anyway, the story plays out, eventually Patrick sleeps with Tara, she realizes she made a huge mistake and wants to leave. Patrick tells her that he thinks she’s special and shows her that he tattooed her name on his arm. She, as a sane person, thinks this is psycho behavior and leaves. She accidentally leaves her phone behind and that’s where the psycho in Patrick starts coming out. He goes to her hometown and stalks her, even though he found out by then that she is engaged to Michael.


My thoughts

Tara made a big mistake cheating on Michael. Even though he did the same, it doesn’t make it right to also cheat. If you don’t want to be with the person anymore and you can’t forgive them for what they did, break up. Don’t try to hurt them in the same way they hurt you. In doing so, you’re hurting your significant other but at the same time, you lose all of your self-respect, because now you’re no better than the person who hurt you in the first place. Tara got to know that the hard way, because a lot of bad things followed after her “slip-up”. Although this is only a movie, these things can actually happen in real life too, because there are psycho’s out there and from looking at a person, you usually can’t tell when they’re psycho or not. And even if they aren’t you’ll lose all your self-respect if you do something like this…

The movie itself is worth watching though. It’s a pretty interesting storyline…


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