Poems about everything

Today, I have decided not to write about anything specific, but to devote this post to poetry. Something I read inspired me: “Poetry is not dead. It is alive in the minds of those who feel, instead of think” – N.R. Hart.

Although I do not think a person should just feel and ignore what the mind says, feelings do make good poetry. Therefore, here are some of my own creations that I made especially for this post. I tried to vary in the poem-subjects and I hope I succeeded. Enjoy!

Self-caused pain

Poems describe what we feel
although what we feel isn’t always real.
Sometimes we make ourselves see what isn’t there
which hurts us in the end and isn’t fair.


Feelings of love

I’m here for you and I always will be
because I know, you were made for me.
Whether this works or not, let’s not rush it
we both know we’re a good fit.
Friends, lovers, whatever we call this deal
with you by my side I will always feel.
Good, bad, my emotions are on high alert
we’re solid as long as we both feel heard.

Everything happens for a reason

We do not always understand what happens to us
sometimes it feels like we’re thrown under a bus.
But everything happens for a reason
and usually the pain only lasts for a season.



Sometimes they frustrate you to the point of breaking
there is no use in faking.
Parents always (think they) know best
but use your head and put it to the test.
They usually mean well, I’m sure they do
but in life you just got to be you!

A true friend

A true friend is super cool
but will also tell you when you’re being a fool.
Sometimes a hard smack on the cheek
means that (s)he loves you and wants you to get back on fleek.


Unexpected true love

I believe in the existence of true love
the kind that was sent from up above.
Yet do not get this confused because the person may surprise you
your true love can come from a sibling, parent, friend, it’s just what they do.

The mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall
you look a lot like me after all.
We’re so much alike it’s scary
you’re just a little more hairy.
Feel my touch, hear my voice,
you are my one and only choice.


If my poetry inspired you, feel free to write a poem of your own in the comment section.


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