If given the chance, would you redo your life?

I saw a picture with a question on Facebook:

Imagine this:

You wake up and you are back in kindergarten.
Your whole life was a dream and you have to start over.
Would you be angry or happy?


My first thought was that I’d be happy because I’d get to correct mistakes I’ve made happyin my life and change my path for the better.

In addition, I’d get to relive the “simpler” days. My childhood. Hang out with friends that I’ve lost contact with throughout the years… I’d get to practice the sports I stopped practicing again…

I would have a lot to be happy about.


Then I thought about all the studies I’d have to redo, the subjects that I have angryforgotten through the years and for which I would have to take tests for again.

I also thought of the hardships I’ve had to face and eventually got through. These struggles helped form me and they helped make me stronger.
So if I undid all of that by living differently, who would I be now?

In conclusion

So in conclusion: I would be very angry if I had to redo my life because I have made We need the good and the badmy mistakes and faced hardships, but I learned from them. I think I’m a better/stronger person because of what I had to go through in my life.

However, I’m not saying that my life has been all about difficult moments. Of course I’ve had amazing times too. Fun with friends, great times in relationships, amazing and proud moments in sports, music and of course school too. Loveable moments with family and even my pets, etc.

In life you need to have both good times and bad. The good times make you confident and the bad times help you grow and learn. The bad times are also there to teach you how to appreciate the good times. So just like flowers and trees need rain as well as sunlight, we also need both the good and bad in our life.


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