The lemon-effect

They say that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. But have you ever stopped to think what will happen to you if you make – and drink – too much lemonade? Eventually you might turn into a lemon yourself.

Like Adam Rose from WWE said: “Don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud!”

Yes, whatever is said in movies or entertainment programs should usually be taken lightly, but in this case, I think Adam has a point… Let’s work with his metaphor for a second…

lifestyle of a lemonSay you’ve turned into a lemon and eventually you meet a rosebud, someone filled with positivity. The rosebud, even if he/she knows your past, won’t be able to understand your lemon-lifestyle and why you make certain decisions. It won’t even matter how good you try to behave/be, the lemon will eventually catch up with you.

Let’s say your last boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you, even after you trusted him/her with your life, then with your new partner, you won’t trust him/her as much. Maybe you’ll even cheat on this new person yourself. Obviously this is not the right thing to do…

Or say that your last boyfriend/girlfriend lied to you to “avoid fighting” with you, then whether you want to or not, you might exude the same behavior in your new relationship. The lemon-effect…

How can we make sure we don’t bring drama from our last relationships in our new relationship? Isn’t life built on the concept of “live and learn”? And by learning, isn’t it unavoidable to bring some aspects of your past relationships into your new relationship? Maybe you even bring some bad behavioral traits of your ex with you, especially if it was a long term relationship.

getting rid of the lemon effectHow do you win (back) the trust of your new partner, after he/she has found out you exuded bad behavior that came with your past relationship?

How can we get rid of the “lemon-effect”? Is it even possible to get rid of it???


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