New year resolutions

As the year comes to a close, it’s nice to reflect on everything that happened, everything we did and didn’t realize.

I think that in 2014 most of us had reasonably big plans of which we couldn’t realize them all. Of course we take these goals with us to 2015 and try to realize them then. We will also add new plans to the new year resolutions…

We all have a big planning at the beginning of a new year. Some call it new year resolutions, others just call it a planning. But it’s the same thing. We want to accomplish greatness by taking these little steps…


But is it enough to only take little steps? Or should we make bigger plans if we want to achieve greatness?

Most of the little plans we make are things like: get in shape, pass in school, try the all natural look, get a better job. Granted, these are more “realistic” plans for a year compared to plans like lose 50 pounds, get a doctorate, never use chemicals in your hair again, be your own boss but on the long run this is what we want. Shouldn’t we then be a bit more strict to ourselves and set the bar for the year higher?

champagne bottleThat’s why my new year resolution is to put the bar higher. Achieve what I couldn’t achieve in 2014 and aim for the stars in 2015. If you miss the stars, you may still hit the moon 😉

I wish all of my readers an amazing new year’s celebration and the best wishes for 2015!

Keep following your dreams 🙂


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