Scary situation after midnight

Today I got home after midnight. I was alone, something that doesn’t happen very often. When I got in my driveway I saw a white (Toyota Spacio 2005 – pretty sure it was that one) car a few meters behind me on the other side of the road. It was just standing there. Every few seconds rolling a bit closer to my driveway. I got a little scared and quickly opened my gate. My dogs started running outside but didn’t bark at the car standing not too far away.

I quickly drove inside and took whatever I could find to fight with someone if needed. I then went to close the gate. The person in the car drove closer and was now standing straight across from me. I then noticed that his tinted windows were down and that he wasn’t sitting in the car alone. But when he saw that I locked the gate and I had a “weapon” in my hand, he closed the window and drove away.

I was relieved and walked back to the car to take my bag and lock it. Something told me to look behind me and I did. I then saw the same car driving back in the other direction… slowly.

I thought of looking at the number plate too late, so that was kind of dumb but in my defense, I was fearing for my life…

What would you do in this case?

creepy car tinted windows


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