How would you feel without technology?

Have you ever stopped to think how much we rely on technology nowadays? I was going to write about how we rely on phones too much, but that wouldn’t be right, because for some of us it isn’t the phones that we’re attached to. It can be our computers, tablets or maybe even our e-readers…

cellphone normal phone computer

The reason I’m bringing this up is because today I had a “traumatic experience”. The battery of my phone died and my neighborhood didn’t have power so I couldn’t charge my phone. At first I was just annoyed about not being able to charge my phone because I was in the middle of a conversation with at least 2 people when the phone died. But afterwards it got really irritating and I kind of got mad about it.

phone battery deadThe thought that all my numbers were stored in that phone and I didn’t memorize most of them so I couldn’t contact anyone made me feel all alone. It felt like there was nothing to do – which is kind of true because I couldn’t go on the computer, I couldn’t watch TV and such… My dad brought home a newspaper, something I haven’t read in years. I was so bored that I took it and started reading it. Then I found a Sudoku puzzle in it which I started working on out of pure boredom (Ironically, I also have Sudoku on my phone for when I’m bored). Well my boredom lasted a long time because the power didn’t come back for 6 hours after it went away.

But the point here is: what is this world coming to? People aren’t getting attached to each other anymore. No, they think they’re attached to people but in reality they’re attached to their phones because all their contacts “live” in there.

For some people the world would feel like it ended if their e-readers stopped working for example. Others might get annoyed if they couldn’t check out Youtube videos and some might figuratively die if Facebook stopped working…

For anyone reading this I have a challenge: at a time when you’re not at work or at school or really busy with something else, just pick a moment of solitude and try switching off your technology (all of it) for 5 to 6 hours and see how it makes you feel.


2 thoughts on “How would you feel without technology?

  1. I like your blog and I know what you mean when you talk about your phone, I say that all of us should go back to talking to each other face to face and not so much with a phone, tablet or pc


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